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How to safely surf the internet anonymously

 How to safely surf the internet anonymously


Hello, welcome back with me Bayu Aji. I would like to thank who have always supported Seccodeid. This time I will share how to surf the internet anonymously? Okok, before that for friends who have not subscribed to seccodeid telegram channel. Yuks subs now
If you don't want to be easy on track. There are a few things to consider, among them. 
1. What do you want to visit? 
2. What do you want to look for? 
3. What do you want to do?  
Okok, from these three points you can adjust when it's time to do privacy and when to be ordinary, I understand what I mean? Hehehehe Yoii everyone must do when night vs midnight. Yuks can see how below 

# Use a VPN 

In the first way, you can use a VPN. Please use a VPN that you think is good. If I use anonsurf, VPN itself with the aim of being free.

- Anonsurf 
If you use this, you will be connected to the TOR network like the photo below.

Your activity are hidden 

- Tea vpn

This is the VPN I'm going to use, it's my friend's. If you are interested in using please download and configure it yourself. This VPN is managed by ourselves from configuration, server selection and others, for the process of installing and downloading please check the link below:


Link : https://en-blog.seccodeid.com/2021/11/tea-vpn-review-that-prioritizes-user.html


# Use extensions 

Okok next there are extension recommendations that you can use, I will read it below:

1. Privacy badger 
2. Shodan 
3. Microsoft defender browser protection 
4. U block origin 
5. Redirect bypass

This extension can block tracking on sites and networks. I've tested it even Google analytics and the tracking system that I created can be blocked, for how this extension works I don't understand. But broadly speaking this extension can be relied upon for privacy needs on the internet,  you can download and feel for yourself.

# Disable javascript 

Disable javascript. Javascript can do anything, if you are proficient in the world of programming you can create anything with Javascript. Malicious javascript, request and other things. Javascript can do anything easily and these requests are usually undetectable. But if you turn off javascript there are some sites that do not run perfectly because certain components or requests are in javascript. For that you can choose which sites should be disabled javascript which should be disabled by javascript


# Use browser recomen 

Okok in the next point is the browser. There are some browsers that I recommend

1. Tor browser 
2. Brave 
3. Firefox 
4. Choronium

Why would I recommend? I have used in various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Rasbian OS. This browser is very powerful to use like tor, this browser can do and search for any sites that are not indexed by Google and visit the darkweb, do not store history or sessions and anything else. I always use tor if midnight mode for the purposes I use

# Always delete history 

Okok, surely all of you don't want someone's search history to be known? Heheheh you can do auto delete history so that the activity can not be known or can use tor browser if you are a lazy person or change the browser. Can use tor you just use

# Use search engine recomen 

The next point is search wante. Search engines or search engines there are many types and features provided I will they will find some search engines that can use

1. Duckduck go
2. SearX 
3. Brave search 
4. Metager 
5. Whoogle 

# Linux tails 

Okok in the last point of Linux tails. I once used the operating system, but I'm less suited to Linux tails so I now use Parrot which I think is comfortable from the UI design as well as the features that have been provided. For this point is not mandatory but if you want to try it please

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