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Tea vpn review that prioritizes user privacy

Tea Vpn project open source

which protects the privacy of users 

Hello, welcome back with me, Bayu Aji. This time I will review the TeaVpn project from my friend, this project is open source, unfortunately it only supports Linux

Ok, I think this VPN is very useful for those of you who like to surf privately. Since this vpn is private(private server) you can manage, compile your own vpn so you can know how this vpn works 

# Install and configuration

Next I will discuss how to install and configure it. Okok you can follow this tutorial 

1. clone this repository with the command

git clone https://github.com/TeaInside/teavpn2.git 


2. After clone, you can enter into the vpn directory path it was saved. Then change the client.ini you can compile it first you can compile with gcc or clang. To compile it follow the command below 

 make CC=clang CXX=clang++ RELEASE_MODE=1 V=1 -j4

create auth to profile your vpn account

setting [auth] dan [socket] 


username = your username
password =password



use_encryption = 1
event_loop = epoll
sock_type = udp
server_addr = your server
server_port = yout port

Then go to line 24, change this part " override_default = 0 " Change it to 

change override_default = 1 

After configuring client.ini you can copy this client file into the previous directory. For example


cp client.ini ../

You can change dns using Google dns or whatever free cloudflare you can change with the command 

sudo pluma /etc/resolv.conf

* Pluma change with your texteditor use example vim, nano etc


Change resolv.conf setting dns 





# Use and command

./teavpn2 --help
 Usage: ./teavpn2 [client|server] [options]

    ./teavpn2 server --help
    ./teavpn2 client --help

    ./teavpn2 --version, -V 


Use the --help option to learn more about this software. You can see the settings and command line in this software. To run vpn you can use the command


sudo ./teavpn2 client -c client.ini;


To run a vpn. If you encounter an error you can perform the make clean command   

 make clean


If there is a stale connection, just reconnect, you can use the auto reconnect command 


 sudo sh -c 'while true; do ./teavpn2 client -c client.ini;done' 

After that you will be connected 

Testing opens redit   


Speed ​​test


# Advantages and disadvantages

Okok now into the advantages, I will describe some of the advantages of this vpn including: 

Advantages [+]

1. Open source 

2. Individual configuration (private)

3. Using a private server

4. Hurry up

5. Support from developers 

Deficiency [-]


1. Tele -tele installation process

2. Tidak easy to use

3. No GUI 


Teavpn is an open source project based on C, shell and make languages. I think this vpn is very useful for those of you who like to surf anonymously and this vpn doesn't need to require a lot of budget and is controlled by individuals, so for all activities it's safe for that if you want to contribute or try you can visit the following link 


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    1. Betul developer nya sedang mengembangkan GUI untuk menjadi lebih baik, terima kasih telah berkunjung