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Osint tracking method and source authenticity

Osint tracking method and source authenticity

 Osint tracking method and source authenticity  

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Hello, come back with me, sorry I haven't made content for a long time, because this month is still Eid, I say minal aidin walfaizin, I apologize if I made a mistake. Today I will make an article entitled "Osint tracking method and source authenticity", but before entering into the article I ask you to like our fanspage, here is our fanpage:  https://m.facebook.com/Seccodeid-119062466729392 /  

Understanding OSINT 

Okok, do you know about osint ? If you don't understand what osint is, I'll explain a little bit about osint,  Open-source intelligence  ( OSINT  is a multi-factor (qualitative, quantitative) methodology for collecting, analyzing, and making decisions about data accessible in available sources for common for use in intelligence contexts

Quoted from:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open-source_intelligence 

OSINT tracking method

What are the methods in osint tracking? And how to check the authenticity of the data? Okok, in this section there are a few things to note, if you want to do osint, you shouldn't do osint for fun, expose someone's disgrace, doxing and so on. If your aim is not good I suggest not to, because if your knowledge is used for evil it is very unfortunate. For that if you do this make sure to use it with good and right intentions.

Here is the osint tracking method that I use, yep I often use this method and the results are quite accurate, there is a possibility that this method works. What do I do in osint tracking? Okok I will describe the following 


  • Dorking


For this point I do not explain what is dorking, you can find out in open sources, this is a simple method that I often use, If you understand google dorking this is very useful, for example I will search for a word that is in search engines, we can use the dorking method, such as inurl, intext and so on, if you are lazy to do dorking, calm down there are some useful tools for hunting and collecting data, in the next point I will describe various osint tools that you can use

  •  Information gathering
Ok, then you use the Information gathering method, what is Information gathering? Information gathering is a process where we hunt for information, look for information, collect a lot of data in depth, then we conclude from the data we have collected, this method can be collaborated with dorking, this method can be done manually and automatically with tools

  • GEOSINT or Geoguessr 
In the point of discussing about tracking locations, you can identify a place, place name and so on. You can use the source that has been obtained as a tracking technique, for example you get an image, you can use the image to open metadata and so on. If you're lucky there's usually a location embedded in the metadata, I'll outline a few for this technique, here are some of them: 
Metadata or exif tools 

  1. Reverse images

With this technique you can open a tool called reverse images, you can use yandex, google, duplicatechecker and so on, yep, so you can find related photos, this is very useful so you are not easily deceived, you can find similar images, I often use this technique, sometimes there are a lot of bad friends who are very annoying to cheat with the drawing method hahahaha

Next. In this section you can use various tools, here are the tools you can use 

  1. https://gpstracker.seccodeid.com/ 
  1. https://www.geoguessr.com/ 

If you want to learn more, I have a reference that you can use to study, here are my recommendations

OSINT report 

The last way or technique is that you can use social media hunting, at this point you can find the social media used by your target, such as Facebook, Linkedin, Blogger, Seccodeid members and so on, this way you can do it by docking, or using tools, yep, if you're lazy to dock. You can use tools on an open source basis, I will describe some of the tools used at the end of this article. 

Why does OSINT Analyst need to visit the Dark Web??

• Curiosity

• Protect communications

• To anonymize their traffic/activity

• Track target activity

• Track financial / crypto currency fraud

• Assist law enforcement / intelligence


Ok, according to my promise, here are some of the osint tools that I use, yep, basically the tools are sometimes not always accurate, if you want satisfactory or accurate results you can analyze the data you have obtained, and surveys to try some possibilities that occur . Here are the tools I use, including the following: 


Ok, now I draw conclusions, actually there are many more techniques that you can use, I will only mention a few, these techniques are not always 100% accurate, if you want accurate results, you need to analyze more deeply, survey and survey, do the logic of possibility that happened. If I have a word error or unclear in explaining, please forgive me, thank you for those who always support Seccodeid. 

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